Phyllis Zieber August 1, 1975 LaMar, Sarah, our nearly eight-month daughter, and I moved into our home. We had lived in Monroeville when we first got married and went to LaMar’s home church in Bellevue. Before we had moved to Norwalk, we had planned to visit some of the churches in Norwalk before we made […]

Good morning!  I am Ben Kenny, 8:30 keyboard noodler and 10:30 balcony dweller.  I have been asked to share my testimony.  I will try to be mercifully brief and stick to the script. I grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, and while I was doing that, God looked out for me by blessing me […]

I must say that I have always known the church as a special place to come to.  Starting at infancy, I rarely missed a Sunday at church.  You see, my father was a Methodist minister and my mother was a daughter of a Methodist minister.  My 2 older brothers and I were always at Sunday […]

I came to understand what Christ did for me when I was 12 years old and I watched the movie Jesus of Nazareth. I understood then that Jesus died for my sins. But it wasn’t until I was a junior in college that I accepted Christ as my savior. I have been coming to this […]